How Much Is a Website?

It’s not unusual for a customer to call and ask, “How much is a website?”.

If you called a car dealership and asked, “How much is a car?”, your answer would be a series of questions: “A sedan?”, “A van?”, “An SUV?”, “A sports car?”, “New or used?”, “What features?”

The price would depend so much on your answer to those questions, and you wouldn’t even expect to get a ballpark figure until you answered them, right?

It’s the same with a website.

What goes into creating a website is a combination of design and function, and it should depend on what you need your web site to do for you, and what kind of image you want your website to project for you and your business.

Do you need a simple site that won’t require much changing as time goes on, or will you need to change or add to your site often? Do you need an online catalog and shopping cart, or a large photo gallery? Do you want some tasteful Flash animation to grab the eye? How many pages do you need? Do you have a logo already? How much design will you need? Can you write your own text? Do you have images to include? All these factors determine the price.

Just keep in mind that if you seek service from one of those web design companies that promise x number of pages for x dollars, or your site done in 48 hours, you’re going to get what you pay for.


Coreave Design offers two basic platforms: Our Basic Sites are created with Dreamweaver, the industry standard for Web Design.

They are typically five to ten page sites and do not need to be edited or changed often after they are created. They may or may not include Flash animation, Custom Logo, a simple Paypal Shopping Cart, a database, forms or other features.

They are usually creatable, always with an elegant design and function, for from $300 to $8000. We’ve done them for a little less, and for more – again, it depends on what you need and want.

If you need a site that you can edit yourself, with a sophisticated shopping cart and online catalog, contact management for mass emailing, database capability, toll free tech support and much more, we offer our Premium Sites which include all these features and more built in.

We guarantee that you cannot find these features in a website for a better price. These sites, including custom design, usually cost from $500 to $8000, but may go higher depending on your needs.

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