What it takes to get started with Coreave - Lennie Core

Contact Lennie Core. I'll explain it to you via email or phone. (757) 710-8606 Email: len@coreave.com

Here's how it works:

1. First and foremost. You are going to need a domain name. Itis the address where your website will be found on the Web. The best domain name is one that uses the company's name in the URL. But sometimes that can be hard to get, if you haven't already registered it. If you can't get your company name, then consider something catchy or memorable that your customers can associate with you. Remember that it should be something that you like and can live with for a long time, as there's a possibility that people will start remembering your domain name before they remember your real company name. I will take care of purchasing and hosting your domain. The initial fee for a domain name good for 2 years is $58.0 and $29 per year after that.

2. Hosting setup is FREE. I'll take care of making your New doman live in just a few hours. Then we will put up a comming soon page with your business name and contact information.

3. Let's get started today. Email or call just about anytime.

(757) 710-8606 Email: len@coreave.com